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In the lists below you will find a personal compilation of books, films and music that can serve as an inspiration to finally change the script of your own routine and travel, albeit to a nearby destination. It does not matter if it is an internal and personal trip (also possible through reading or using light hallucinogens hahaha ...), with someone special, family, friends or an excursion with over forty strangers. My advice in these cases is always the same: if you have enough time and money, just GO!

The wanderlust style and his strong desire to explore the world is a philosophy adopted by countless people over time. Writers, filmmakers, artists, poets, entrepreneurs and professionals from the most varied areas who need, or simply like, to travel constantly are the great exponents of this lifestyle. Even if we don't have a completely nomadic life, we can periodically dedicate ourselves to the incredible and essential act of packing and leaving for a destination - often - unknown.

Image by Simon Migaj

To kill the longing to travel

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